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Dealing with stress has certainly become a serious challenge these days. When we are exposed to continuous and brutal stress, our body is put to test constantly our health and performance is affected. Well, of course there is a way to deal with this and the answer is Phyt Stress. This capsule has scientifically studied and proven compounds such as ursolic acid, piperine, cardiosides and withanolides that can deal with stress. These combinations in Phyt Stress helps us to deal with stress and at the same time maintain our health. The capsule as well promotes good sleep, calms mind and builds immunity.
Impact of Stress
Damages organs, gives headaches, unclear thinking, lower productivity, anxiety and depression, diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart problems in the long run.
How Phyt Stress help here?
Improves your tolerance towards stress.
Who can use Phyt Stress and what are its benefits?
Any person over 18 years with stressful lifestyle and unhealthy habitsUnique 4 Herb Formula that reduces Stress Hormone levelsIncreases levels of Youth HormoneWorks sharply on brain to increase Stress Tolerance LevelSafe for long term use with no side effectsWhen you need Phyt Stress?
When you are sleeping less at nightWhen your thinking is unclearWhen your actions are slower than necessaryWhen you experience frequent headachesWhen you are worried about a lot of unnecessary thingsWhen your productivity is diminishedWhen you are breathless oftenWhen you want to keep eating or drinking somethingWhen you suffer from High BP and giddinessWhen you are feeling unnaturally tired and weakImportant Note
Works better when incorporated with other measures for stress managementThis is not a treatment for severe depression, bipolar disorders and anxiety neurosis; consult a doctorThis is a product to help improve stress tolerance levels and not cure the diseases resulting from stress ( e.g. cancer, diabetes)GENERAL FACTS AND GUIDELINES FOR USAGE OF PRODUCTS GIVEN IN THIS BOOKLET
All Products of Elements Wellness are 100 %VegetarianAll these products are Ayurvedic Proprietary MedicinesElements Wellness products are made from 100 % Natural Actives and do not contain any harmful chemicalsAll products have been tested for freedom from presence of heavy metals and microbiological contentAll raw materials in our products conform to API/In-House specificationsMany of the herbs used in these products have strong scientific validation through published studiesOur products are all safe to use; however in the rare event of any problem due to individual sensitivities/allergies after usage please discontinue and consult with PhysicianUnless otherwise specified, these products may be consumed immediately after a mealIf you are using other drugs for the same ailment, it is best to leave a gap of 2 hours between these products and your regular medicationAll products herein have been awarded the Ayush Premium Mark given by Quality Council of IndiaPlease use regularly as advised to get best resultsPlease consult a Physician as required before use of these productsSPECIFICATIONS
KEY INGREDIENTS Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Guduchi, PippaliBENEFITS Helps improve levels of stress toleranceFOR WHOM Anxiety, feeling stressed, sleep problems, lack of mental energyWHAT AGE 12 years and aboveHOW MUCH 1 Capsule, twice daily or as directed by PhysicianWHEN Preferably with meals; take evening dose at bed time for best resultsPACK SIZE 60 VEGETARIAN CAPSULES