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On & On Aahar Coriander Powder
Another great spice we extensively use in Indian Kitchens is the coriander powder which has a unique and intoxicating aroma to it following the Garam Masala. Add a good thickness and yummilicious flavour to your curries and gravies using this Aahar Coriander Powder that is grind exclusively using coriander seeds. The powder is indeed very pure and adds an aroma to your meal just by adding a dash. With this On & On Aahar Coriander Powder, enjoy the wellness and toothsomeness of coriander powder!
Product Coriander PowderBrand On & On AaharNet Weight 200gIngredients CorianderThe Pack Contains 1x200 g On & On Coriander PowderApprox Nutritional Information per 100g
Calories 438.00KcalTotal Fat 18.00gCholesterol 0 mgSodium 97 mg97 mg 57.00gSugars 0gProtein 13.00g