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On & On Aahar Turmeric Powder
From the beginning of art of cooking, the people of Indus Valley have always kept turmeric a must in their ingredients and our spice box never goes short of it. Turmeric not only adds flavour to our meal but has also acted as a medicinal ingredient right from the beginning of time. When you can now get turmeric powder at its purest form, indeed its hard to simply resist. Here comes On & On Aahar Turmeric Powder that is grind plainly using turmeric making it an exclusive turmeric powder sans any added artificial flavour. A dash of this powder is sure to add the colour and flavour to your meal. With On & On Aaahar Turmeric Powder, experience both the aromatic flavour of turmeric and the medicinal values of it.
Product Turmeric PowderBrand On & On AaharNet Weight 200gIngredients TurmericThe Pack Contains 1x200 g On & On Turmeric PowderApprox Nutritional Information per 100g
Calories 353.00KcalTotal Fat 3.90gCholesterol 0 mgSodium 86 mgTotal Carbohydrate 72.30 gSugars 0 gProtein 6.90 g